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Y2J Biography


He says he is your new hero. He is your party host, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah. He is Y2J, Chris Jericho, and he claims he is here to save the World Wrestling Federation.

Born in New York City (where his father played NHL hockey for the New York Rangers)and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jericho knew at an early age that he wanted to be a pro
wrestler. He travelled to Calgary, Alberta shortly after college (where he earned a journalism degree) and trained with the Hart family, and before long he was turning heads in rings across the Canadian midwest. For two years he worked primarily on the Canadian indy circuit, and captured the Canadian heavyweight title along the way. He then headed to Mexico's EMLL promotion in April 1993. For the remainder of that year the"Lionheart" competed in Mexico where he won the WWA tag titles (with El Dandy) as well as the NWA Middleweight title.

From 1994-1996 Jericho continued to compete in Mexico, however he also debuted in Japan where he won the WAR promotion's International Junior Heavyweight singles and tag titles. Chris also planted some roots in the U.S., working for Smoky Mountain Wrestling starting in march of 1994, and eventually Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1996. Jericho's success continued in ECW, where he won the ECW Television Title on June 22, 1996. His impressive list of accolades finally brought him to a world wide stage when he joined WCW in August of 1996.

It was Jericho's stint with WCW that established him as a world class competitor. He was named "Newcomer of the Year" by the readers of WCW magazine, was inducted into the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame and worked with New Japan Pro Wrestling (His 30th Japanese tour) all in the year of 1997. Jericho also became a world champion, winning the
WCW Cruiserweight Title five times and the Television Title once. He is also credited as being the man that forced Juventud Guerrera to unmask after he beat Guerrera in a mask vs. cruiserweight title match. With his reputation cemented, there was only one logical next step
for Chris to take.....

On June 30th, 1999, Chris Jericho signed with the WWF. His subsequent WWF TV debut(on the August 9, edition of Raw) included one of the most spectacular and memorable ring
entrances of all time, as he was revealed to be the man behind the WWF's "Millenium Countdown."

After a mediocre start as a heelish wrestler, Jericho became a fully-fledged face and his career took off. The WWF rolled with the momentum and thrust him into the spotlight. Then on April 18, 2000, Jericho upset Triple H on Raw to win the WWF Championship but the decision was reversed due to a fast count by referee Earl Hebner.

Today, Chris Jericho is one of the glitziest, and most charismatic performers in all of wrestling, as well as one of the most cunning and clever and he ranks as one of the most popular competitors in the WWF.

At a Glance

Height: 6'

Weight: 231 pounds

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Favorite Quotes:"It will never, e..e..e..ever happen again!",
"Shut the Hell Up!"
"Raw is Jericho"

Signature moves: The Walls of Jericho, Lionsault

WWF Highlights: Intercontinental Champion (4X); European Champion; Hardcore Champion; Tag Team Champion (2X)